Our Process

It's Continuous delivery- Develop, Test, Integrate, and Deploy.

Agile Product Development Methodology

At SPAN Technology Services, we follow Agile methodology for the software development process. The Agile development process begins with clients explaining the expected product and how it would solve problems. The customer's expectations are thus clarified to the product development team.

Requirements are broken down into stages, and the development team works towards continuous improvements and iterations at each stage. Each individual in the team is responsible for planning, designing, developing, executing, and testing the product. This further helps ensure that the product meets customer’s expectations.

The continuous collaboration among the product owners and the team members is important in each stage, and it will help in communicating the informed decisions on both sides.

Agile Product Development Methodology

Agile and Sprint

Sprint is the development method followed with a 2-week duration. During a sprint cycle, the development team completes a certain part of the functionality and achieves pre-established goals. Three consecutive sprint cycles form a Wave, and the feature is rolled-out to LIVE at the
end of the wave cycle.

Requirements Analysis

We gear up for new challenges at the initial phase of product development and spend maximum time understanding the business needs. We go through a cycle of detailed analysis of each product and build them from scratch.

We work towards an optimal business model that benefits our clients with a cost-effective, on-time, and quality output. The requirements will be gathered and verified from client's meetings, in-depth analysis of available documents, marketing feedback, competitors' products, etc.