What Makes SPAN different? Employee Experience.

It's not just about ticking off tasks - But about fueling growth, Cheering you up, Setting up the stage to shine, Treating you the same in all those triumphs and disasters, Having the back of you when life throws curveballs and letting you consider yourself a 'VIP' in the world of SPAN!

  • Candor: Our Guiding Principle - Fostering open and honest communication

    A culture that's all about keeping it real & promoting an environment where open and honest conversations thrive. Working here feels like being a part of a tight-knit crew, where authenticity and transparency reign supreme. It's a unique blend of professionalism and camaraderie where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. We encourage constructive feedback and embrace diverse perspectives, knowing it’s through candid conversations that we grow and innovate.

  • Embracing Work-Life Integration

    At SPAN, we believe in fostering a culture of Work-Life Integration (WLI), rather than the traditional notion of Work-Life Balance. Think of it like a friendly Tango - it takes two to make it work. It's what gets us out of bed every morning - knowing we are all working towards something bigger. We sway between tasks, dip into creativity, and navigate through personal challenges, all the while maintaining a smooth blend between work and personal life.

    WLI is about seamlessly blending your professional and personal responsibilities. We understand that life does not neatly divide into distinct compartments of “Work” and “Home” and we embrace the fluidity of it all. Our approach allows flexibility, enabling you to manage your commitments and priorities in a way that works best for you.

    Overall, it's about achieving harmony between work and personal life by integrating tasks throughout the day. At SPAN, we support you in finding that balance and creating a fulfilling lifestyle that works for you

  • There is a '10X techie' vibe that you will experience at SPAN!

    Here at SPAN, we’re not just keeping up with technological advancements; we’re setting the pace. Our culture fosters a 10X techie vibe, where the energy is infectious, pushing you to think beyond limits and innovate exponentially.

    But what does it mean to be a 10X techie at SPAN?

    It's about doing deep work and approaching tasks with 10 times the attention to detail. It's about setting expectations for ourselves and striving for excellence in everything we do.

    Our people are committed to delivering quality products and achieving better results, and that expectation runs deep within our culture. Join us at SPAN and experience the thrill of pushing the boundaries and creating groundbreaking innovations.

  • The Dynamic Duo of Rapid Learning and Deep Work!

    We have a deep-rooted culture of rapid learning and undistracted work. We encourage a focus hard attitude, where individuals are empowered to pick up new skills they are passionate about and learn quickly on the go. The environment is dynamic where learning is accelerated & productivity is deeply focused.

  • Shared Purpose: Everyone's move matters!

    We are all on the same page, kicking off the day with a game plan we are excited about. It’s the daily rhythm of what we are now.

  • Shoot - Move - Communicate!

    It’s a get-it-done frame of mind that keeps things exciting and everyone in the loop.

    We shoot for goals in planning, move fast toward fixing Customer issues, and communicate well to keep people informed!

  • And the ‘Employee-First’ pulse over anything and everything!

    It's about ensuring everyone has the best seat on the team. Making sure everyone’s feeling good & grooving in their roles. It’s casual, friendly, and, more importantly, puts our team in the front and center.

Every single employee, no matter who they are or what they do, should have a consistently positive experience at work
Every single employee, no matter who they are or what they do, should have a consistently positive experience at work

Our secret ingredients for staying ahead of the game.

Perks of Being a SPANian!.

  • Fair and Market-Driven

    Fair and Market-Driven compensation

  • Long-term employee benefits

    Long-term employee benefits

  • Rewards & Bonu

    Rewards & Bonus

  • Upskill

    Upskill and development programs

  • Health Insurance

    Personal and Family Health Insurance

  • Paternal & Maternal Leave

    Paternal & Maternal Leave

  • Flexible Shift Timings

    Flexible Shift Timings

  • Healthy Meals

    Healthy Meals & Refreshments

  • Cab Facility

    Cab Facility

  • Gifts on Special

    Gifts on Special Occasions

  • Welcome Kit

    Welcome Kit

  • Employee Meet-Ups

    Employee Meet-Ups

Learning & Development
Work Environment - Team Work
Performance Recognition
Career Experience & Inclusivity
Upskill & Evolve

What Our Employees Say.


Having joined SPAN as a Software Engineer in 2015, I was impressed by the company's commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. The collaborative environment and access to cutting-edge technologies enhanced my technical skills, while the feedback and recognition I received ensured my professional development.


SPAN has been the cornerstone of my career journey. Over the past nine years, I've evolved from a junior to a confident product manager, thanks to the unwavering support and continuous learning opportunities. With SPAN, I've not only developed technical expertise but also found a second family where growth and Excellence are celebrated.

Arun Balaji

“SPAN is a vibrant Team where individuals delve deep into various facets of software development, emphasizing meticulous detailing, employee-customer-centric approaches, and forward-thinking ideas.”


SPAN has been an incredible platform for me to evolve personally as well as professionally. Fostering a culture of continuous learning makes SPAN an ideal environment for anyone looking to grow, innovate, and make a real impact.

Divya Bharathi

It's truly remarkable that it has been four and half years since I embarked on my career journey In Span. These four and half years have instilled in me the confidence to confront and overcome obstacles with strength and determination. As a women got respect in workplace , equal opportunities for growth in career and leadership skill.


At SPAN, trust is the foundation of my success story, which complements our commitment to technological advancement. This collaboration develops an environment in which innovation grows, accelerating our continued growth and success.


Working with SPAN has been transformative for my growth. As per the technical aspect, SPAN has given me the confidence to enrich and enhance my skills. Also provided lots of opportunities to shape my career trajectory.

Sathish Selvaraj

Working with SPAN Technology Services has been an exceptional experience. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in every aspect. The team at SPAN is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also incredibly dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction.

Kasthuri Ramachandran

I joined Span as a Fresher in 2014, SPAN commitment to precision in the overall planning and execution of the full development cycle ensures sustainable application growth. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is truly commendable. I highly recommend SPAN to anyone in need of top-notch software development services.

What Our Employees Say.

Our Promise To Our Employees.

At SPAN Technology, we strongly believe in our employees as they are the reason behind all our success. So we are happy to empathize with our employees and put employee-first work culture in place.

We provide our employees with a growth-oriented work environment with equal career advancement and personal growth opportunities. We believe in taking care of our employees; check out some of the amenities you will receive after joining the team.

Employee-Centric in Every Aspect!

  • Candor is the basis of this Employee First Culture.
  • Authentic Employee Feedback is the heart of this culture.
  • To create a sense of Belonging through Employee Engagement.
  • Ideas come first. We always encourage employees to come up with ideas.
    If you feel inspired by a new idea, our team loves to hear about it.
Employee-Centric in Every Aspect!
Employee-Centric in Every Aspect!

We care our Employees!

  • Every single employee, no matter who they are or what they do,
    should have a consistently positive experience at work
  • Employees will be provided the same concern, respect,
    and caring attitude we give to our customers.
  • We often hear from our employees about things that need to be
    primarily improved upon and work on those based on priority.

Upskill & Evolve with SPAN!

  • Meaningful and Authentic Recognition by peers, managers
    and the company
  • The last person in the team knows the “purpose of
    his/her work”
Employee-Centric in Every Aspect!
Employee-Centric in Every Aspect!

It is not about work always!

  • We’re always up for fun, and if we can get out of the office and
    have fun together, all the better. Our fun Friday events and birthday
    celebrations make for great memories.
  • We’re always up for fun, and if we can get out of the office and
    have fun together, all the better. Our fun Friday events and birthday
    celebrations make for great memories.

With all these benefits, we help our employees live their lives to the best and feel their growth both professionally and personally.


POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) India's first legislation specifically addressing the issue of  workplace sexual harassment; the Sexual Harassment of Women (now includes every gender) at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (“POSH Act”) was enacted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, India in 2013

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We honour passion and purpose in our work, within our team & beyond. We learn and grow in
the process of adapt and evolve with technology.