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Our Purpose.

At SPAN, we're on a mission to delight our Customers at every touchpoint with our innovative, and high-quality solutions.

Driven by passion, human empathy, and unwavering honesty, we embrace openness in all that we do. Our pursuit of excellence fuels our journey forward, elevating our standards & pushing the boundaries to surpass expectations"

Our Story.

"From Our Roots to Our Rise"

It all began with the shared vision of two remarkable individuals, Naga and Agie, who dared to dream differently. In 2009, our visionary founders joined forces to establish SPAN, with a team of just 7 dedicated individuals. With Naga's unparalleled expertise in technology, boasting over 30 years of industry experience, and Agie's prowess in marketing and customer support, SPAN was born as a fusion of innovation & ingenuity.

From the outset, we chose to blaze our own trail, eschewing traditional funding avenues in favour of self reliance. SPAN was built ground up, fueled by the sheer determination and personal investment of our founders.

Our inaugural office, a modest 10x10 room in Rock Hill, South Carolina, served as the cradle of our ambitions. Meanwhile, our development center in Chennai hummed with the energy of our dedicated team of seven.

Fast Forward to today, and SPAN has blossomed into a thriving enterprise, with 450 talented individuals driving innovation across 3 expansive development centers in India. Our journey from humble beginnings to our current heights is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of growth"


Sanjeev became a part of SPAN in the same year we launched our first product - ExpressExtension


Evolved as a Private Limited company and released 2 more products - Express Extension & Truck Logics


The Coimbatore team was strengthened further, expanding to 50 people while we developed a couple of products ExpressTaxFilings & HealingRadius


With 100+ employees in our team, we have released our 12th product - ACAWise


150+ employees worked in unison for the release of the most challenging product - TaxBandits, 123PayStubs


Scaled up to 200+ employees and started becoming a thriving force in the software industry.


Scaled up to 300+ employees and emphasized our Employee Centric culture further


Naga and Agie joined hands and kickstarted the journey of
SPAN with 7 People.


Scaled up to 25 people and developed 2 new products - Unitwise &
Express Truck Tax


Expanded our space with new development in Chennai and added 3 more products to our portfolio - ExpressIFTA, TSNAmerica & Inspherio


Launched our 11th product - ExpressTaxExempt and extended our dominance in the competitive world


Expanded our office space further in Coimbatore while we released 3 new products - ExpressEfile, TaxLogics, PayWow


Successfully completed a decade and continued our pursuit of exceeding customer expectations
through various products


Opened a new development center at Erode Location, expanding our
reach further.


Partnered with Gallup and took a step further in our journey to become a Great Place to Work For

Our Vision.

“SPAN is a place where employees thrive and create high quality products that consistently exceed our Customer expectations”


SPAN Technology must be ranked as one of the top 25 companies in India to “WORK FOR” by 2025

Seasoned Professionals in respective fields in SPAN .

Experience at present

Experts with 6 to 10 years

of Experience at present


Our Goal & Our Commitment Towards it .

Metrics for Employee Experience

Fresh Talent - less than 3 years of experience

We value fresh perspectives and the enthusiasm that comes with early-career professionals. Their energy with eagerness to learn, drive, and inject new innovation into our team. By fostering a diverse workforce culture, we create an environment rich in creativity, innovation, and growth opportunities.

Midterm Tenure

Embracing a phase of commitment and growth, our team members exhibit mid-term tenure between 3 to 5 years, showcasing their expertise and unwavering dedication to our organizational goals.

Longevity of employees 5+ years at SPAN

At our company, we celebrate our steadfast team members who have dedicated five years or more to our success, comprising 12% of our workforce. Their enduring loyalty and expertise fuel our growth and embody our vibrant work culture. Together, we're forging a path of achievement and innovation, and we are grateful for their unwavering commitment to our shared goals.

58% workforce in the last three years

In the last three years, our company has experienced an impressive 58% surge in its workforce, highlighting our steadfast dedication to expansion and innovation. This growth indicates our unwavering commitment to adapt to the changing demands of our customers while efficiently scaling our operations.

34% Women Inclusivity

With 34% women, SPAN thrives on inclusivity, fostering a culture of where women's voices are heard, valued, and empowered to shape our collective success!

90% Cultivated Talents

Fostering Excellence with approximately 90% of our team comprising cultivated talents, SPAN promotes an environment of growth and innovation, propelling us towards unparalleled success.


hours dedicated Training in a year


Employee Engagement ratio - As per Gallup survey 2023


Employee Recognition in a year

"Innovating Together: Crafting Excellence at SPAN".

At SPAN, we are more than just a software product development company – we are a catalyst for innovation, commitment, and candor. Our journey began over a decade ago, and since then, we've crafted over 15 best-in-class SaaS products that have solidified our position as a prominent player in our industry sectors. But our story doesn't end there.

We pride ourselves on fostering a culture that blends the best of both worlds – the agility and creativity of a startup with the stability and benefits of a growing enterprise. We are committed to being an employee-first company, where our people are our top priority.

Our tagline, 'Create, Commit, Candor,' encapsulates our ethos. We empower our employees to innovate, take ownership, and communicate openly and honestly. We're not just building products; we're building careers.

As we strive to become a certified Great Place to Work, our focus is on enhancing the employee experience. From recognition programs that celebrate achievements to a culture of continuous learning and development, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering growth.

But our commitment doesn't end with our employees. We are equally passionate about our customers, listening to their feedback, and ensuring that every product we create exceeds expectations. Quality is not just a goal; it's our highest priority.

Join us on our journey to excellence. Explore career opportunities at SPAN and become part of a team that's shaping the future of technology.


Our Priorities.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage - Our Priorities

Attaining a sustainable competitive advantage is SPAN’s ultimate goal. In light of this, we prioritize the following key aspects:


Investment in Technology and Security Services


Great Place to Work for –
Employee First


Innovation for Customer Success While Ensuring Security and Privacy

Advocate & Ensure

Advocate & Ensure Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

Our CEO has a futuristic approach to adapting to the new technologies and innovations that are constantly evolving. SPAN steadily focuses on the possibilities to ensure product quality in fostering customer experience. We ensure continual improvement of our performance and customer satisfaction by leveling up quality and security management processes.

Our Policy.

Quality Policy:

  • We are committed to delivering high-quality software products and services.
  • Our goal is to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations while adhering to all legal requirements.
  • We have a deep understanding of the quality management system and its processes, and we continually work to improve its effectiveness through employee training.

ISMS Policy:

  • We are committed to upholding the confidentiality of customer information and privacy data, in compliance with legal requirements, regulations, and the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of customer data by strictly adhering to technology standards, guidelines, and principles governing information security.
  • In our efforts to safeguard the interests of customers, employees, and stakeholders, we prioritize the continuous availability of data. We continually train our employees to enhance our Information Security Management System.
  • Driven by our determination, we strive to align our information security practices to ensure a precise and secure tax filing experience for our customers, exceeding their expectations.

Core People Of SPAN Technology.

Reason behind the spirit of SPAN


Naga Palanisamy

Chairman & CEO

A Gold medalist from ​CIT, Coimbatore, he also holds a postgraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Besides, he is a Project Management Professional and a Certified Scrum Master.

With over 30 years of experience as a technocrat and a serial entrepreneur in the IT industry, Naga Palanisamy is the Chairman & CEO of SPAN Technology Services Private Limited.

He is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SecondBrick Ventures, a collection of successful investors and business leaders whose passion is helping entrepreneurs realize and execute their ideas. ​Earlier, he founded many IT companies and worked for major companies such as TCS, IBM, KPMG​,​ BearingPoint​, and H & R Block USA.

His passions are Software Development Methodologies, tech start-ups, and mentoring the next generation

Agie Sundaram



Agie Sundaram, a passionate entrepreneur and a believer in the pursuit of endless possibilities, possesses an exceptional ability to envision opportunities that shape the success of SPAN. With a maverick spirit, he has co-founded and built SPAN, a successful and growing Product development company. His success is a testament to his refusal to walk the worn path, leading the way for other business owners in small towns who are brave enough to follow his example.

Having over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, his success is a testament to his refusal to walk the worn path, leading the way for other business owners in small towns who are brave enough to follow his example.

Apart from being tech-savvy, he is also a passionate photographer. He feels that the beauty of life's precious moments often lies in the spontaneity of joyful expression. Furthermore, he is a passionate pilot who loves flying high.

Agie Sundaram



Sanjeev Thazhathaveetil

Managing Director

With over three decades of experience in the software industry, Sanjeev, as Managing Director of SPAN Technology Services Private Limited, manages the operations of SPAN in India, including finance & accounts, and also heads the Quality Assurance team.

With a strong background in engineering, product management, and decision-making, Sanjeev possesses a blend of technical expertise and leadership skills that drive the successful development of products at SPAN, ensuring our products meet market needs and quality standards.

Sanjeev’s leadership abilities, results-oriented approach, and dedication to excellence are the driving force behind ensuring quality remains at the forefront of the product development process at SPAN. His commitment to continuous improvement and process-oriented approach helps us strive for excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction.



Thought Leader, Executive Coach, and Mentor

Meet our Thought Leader, Executive Coach, and Mentor, who leads by example in fostering a culture of growth and excellence at SPAN.

With over 27 years of diverse experience, he spearheads radically transparent conversations with our CEO to drive progress in unlocking our company's human potential and identifying areas for improvement. A visionary champion of SPAN's transformation into a renowned "Great Place to Work," he introduces innovative ideas and initiatives to cultivate a positive workplace culture.

Dedicated to nurturing talent and empowering leaders, he regularly coaches our leadership, managers, and Human Resources team, facilitating open and transparent discussions to ensure they perform at their best.

His unwavering dedication to collective success not only distinguishes him as an invaluable asset but also serves as a beacon for driving positive change and transformation throughout our organization.

Anand Gururaj

VP - Security & compliance


A software tester with a passion to understand quality beyond bugs. With a post-graduation in computer applications and over a decade of experience in Quality Analysis at SPAN he is pooling together a team of excellence in security to make testing a holistic process for the products we develop in SPAN. He loves reading books, gets absorbed by the game of Chess, and is part of music while listening to it.

Anand Gururaj

VP - Security & compliance



Operations Manager

With over 16 years of experience in the dynamic field of digital marketing, Govind is a highly motivated and results-oriented professional. Armed with a solid background in digital marketing and mentoring, his career has been marked by notable achievements in diverse corporate roles.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and a Master's degree in Computer Science. Over the years, he has acquired a comprehensive understanding of successfully managing teams. Proficient in overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, he maintains meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the delivery of high-quality results.

As an Operations Manager, he specializes in crafting impactful strategies to foster growth and engagement in SPAN, heading HR & driving operations. He is a master to take on any assignment turn it around to make it a success. He is an excellent Analyst who thinks deep in bringing in a value addition with diversified aspects.

Prasanth P K

Technical Manager


Prasanth, an integral member of our SPAN, is a Technical Manager for the team of Developers. An Engineering Graduate with an exceptional ability to strategize, organize, and execute complex programs, ensuring that our company remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Being well-versed in the world of web development technologies, Prasanth has never failed to make an impact with his contributions to various development projects in his tenure with SPAN.

His leadership and keen eye for detail are the cornerstones of our program ' s success.

Having completed his Bachelor's Degree (B.E Computer Science), Prasanth joined SPAN as a fresher in 2014. Over a decade in SPAN, his valuable skill set has been benefiting the organization relentlessly in many aspects. He is a dynamic Master in Programming, Analysis, and Problem Solver with a keen interest in R&D.

Not just managing technical and development projects, Prasanth also focuses on mentoring and guiding the team members and heading the Erode Development Center. With his impeccable mentorship, he serves as a go-to source of guidance for all the team members, especially newcomers.

Prasanth P K

Technical Manager


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