Cookies Policy

SPAN Technology Services is committed to clarifying this cookies policy to its users and providing information about how and when SPAN Technology Services uses the cookies. Cookies and other similar technologies utilized by our website collect and store information for the purposes described in this policy in accordance with the permissions granted on the user’s device. SPAN Technology Services undertakes that the information collected via the cookies used on our website will not be shared with any third parties and will be strictly confidential.

Purpose of Cookies:

  • Cookies allow SPAN Technology Services to identify and calculate the number of visitors to the website and analyze how the visitors browse our website. Additionally, it also interacts with the users through content or features, which helps us improve the functionalities & information available on the website. Cookies also ensure that the users are able to access relevant information without any difficulties.
  • Cookies employ user navigation-
    • to remember users who revisit our website
    • and makes the user’s interactions with the website quicker and more secure.

Opting Out of Cookies:

  • SPAN Technology Services does not have any control over third-party cookies, including cookies utilized by advertising networks and external service providers. These third-party cookies tend to be analytical, performance, or targeting cookies.
  • Users can adjust their preferences and permissions via their settings page if they want to control or opt out of certain cookies.
  • The website functions according to the existing permissions granted by the user in their browser settings. If the user prefers not to regulate the permissions granted, the user ought to change their browser settings on the device on which they are about to access the website. Most browsers have an inherent functionality that lets the user review and erase cookies.
  • Except for essential cookies, all cookies will expire after a duration of one month.

Legal Adherence:

SPAN Technology Services adheres to all the legal compliances as prescribed under Indian and U.S. Laws.

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